ROLLINGDOG has strict quality standards it continuously tests and monitors using various machines after production in factories, as well as in office testing machines as seen here.


Two-axis Painting Test Machine

Durability and application test of our company’s paint roller covers under 9 inches, and a full range of brushes

Three-axis Motion Controller

For single effective brushing and multiple covering performance test of our whole series of rollers and brushes


Detailed observation of brush filament and roller fabric

Tensile Testing Machine

Inspection machine for testing various mechanical properties regarding tear resistance and bonding strength

Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber

This method is a neutral salt spray test (NSS test), which is applicable to all kinds of surface salt spray contact test methods for metal substrates after electroplating, organic or inorganic coating and applies to all electroplating hardware products of our company.

Locking Force Tester Of Telescopic Rod Lock

Test the force the extension pole locks can withstand

Electric Heating Blast Drying Oven

Electric Heating Blast Drying Oven


For testing the low temperature resistance of our adhesive products, and the brittleness of plastic products

Primary Adhesive Tester

For testing the initial adhesion of all series of adhesive tapes and self-adhesive tapes