ROLLINGDOG Tools is a professional company driven by continuous innovation, with comprehensive competitiveness of R&D, branding, production and operations. 

We focus on the painting tool industry, and are committed to providing high-quality, high-efficiency, and comfortable-to-use tools for users in the surface coating industry.

We adhere to a customer-centered business principle, and conduct in-depth research and development to make sure our products meet market demands. Each year we will invest 3%-5% of sales in R&D. 

Our goal is that the company, our customers, and our employees grow together, sharing long-term returns while achieving long-term win-win results.


The ROLLINGDOG name came from the founder of the company David Zhang. He is an animal lover, especially dogs. Back in the year 2010 he had a strong and energetic dog named Bean that was very loyal, passionate and smart.

After several years running his own company focused on painting tools, he decided to create his own brand. He wasn’t sure what name to use but soon found inspiration from his loyal friend Bean.

Each day David would return home from work, Bean would be filled with excitement and roll around on the ground happily. This scene reminded David of the way a paint roller rolls on the wall.

Thus, the ROLLINGDOG brand was born.

The Meaning of Rollingdog

Rolling :Represents a kind of spirit, constantly rolling forward, not giving up. In addition, as one of the company’s core products are paint rollers, it seems fitting.

Dog:Dogs are known as “man’s best friend”, but can also be used as a tool for a variety of tasks such as protection, hunting, and guiding. We feel this is a good match for our company, as we strive to provide tools that will be a person’s “best friend” for painting and other home renovations & repairs.

Motto: keep rolling

Only by seeking change for improvement and rolling forward can we achieve our greatest goals. History shows us that if you remain unchanged and cannot evolve rolling forward with time, you will eventually be eliminated. The spirit of our motto “keep rolling” urges us to make continuous improvement of product quality, research and development, and service as our lifelong direction. ROLLINGDOG strives to keep rolling until we reach our maximized global sales capacity.


The company was established


The ROLLINGDOG brand was founded with a dedication to research and development of
innovative painting tools


Increased investment into ROLLINGDOG’s subsidiary manufacturing company Cliff Tools to increase capacity and quality of core products


Rolling Dog Tools Co., Ltd.was established to focus on brand development


ROLLINGDOG was awarded three innovative product Red Star design awards


Increased focus on international and domestic trade business


Increased annual investment to $1 million in developing 250 worldwide patents


ROLLINGDOG was awarded the European GOOD DESIGN Award


April: Relocated headquarters to larger,more modern office; new product lines released

June: ROLLINGDOG was awarded by city the “Ningbo Export Brand”
for leading development of an exported brand

ROLLINGDOG’s Head office is located in the Intelligent Manufacturing Port of Ningbo National Gaoxin district, also known as the Hi-Tech district. The 5 floor building has over 46,800 square feet and includes a product R&D center, quality control center, marketing center, showroom, and warehouse. In the warehouse we keep inventory of our most popular items for a faster response to small orders and e-commerce business. 

Product showroom

Product showroom


The company’s overall business volume is around US $30 million, with an annual growth rate of 15%-25%.

Foreign trade B2B accounted for 80%, Amazon online business accounted for 15%, and domestic accounted for 5%.


The ROLLINGDOG brand has now entered 6 continents around the world, with sales in 58 countries.


Headquarter: 60 people

Including: 20 people in R & D team 15 people in overseas sales team 10 people in Amazon team 10 people in domestic sales team



Factory: 200 people We have 45% of the shares.

Factory area: 400,000 SQFT Factory output value: 30 million US dollars

Founder's Message

Dear customers,

ROLLINGDOG works to cooperate with our customers in a way where we complement each other’s advantages, and achieve mutual success. When a customers buys ROLLINGDOG products we see it as not just another order, but a start to a long term partnership, helping each other prosper. We will fully support and achieve success in their local market. As our mission says, “Provide continuous value for our customers to allow us to grow together”